Will Putin Go Further Into Ukraine? If He Does...

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CHAS1422 2014-07-26 01:59:02
Attack Kamchatka then negotiate. There are no troops there.
Jāni Strazdiņš 2014-07-18 19:39:15
dam'n thaey look so stupid talking about stuff they basecley have no
knowlage of ... sory but i had to say this. U sereusly need to do do a lot
of sttudy beafore U talk shit like this
sorry 4 my bad english...
Elle Zappy 2014-07-15 22:51:10
Here's the facts to you Russian fanboys who think Russia is all ''this''.

It is a fact the United States OUTNUMBERS the Russian Army by over 500,000
Troops. And the United States Armed Forces are the most advanced in the

So shut your mouths all of you fanboys, because it is a fact I just told
you, I don't care what Russia or the United States have done in their past,
USA overpowers Russia and that's that.
ArtieTheCoala 2014-07-09 13:45:06
Leave Estonia aloooooone!!
Eric Zhao 2014-07-04 16:18:11
If the West can offer Ukraine the money that Russia offers, the whole drama
would not have happened. I think the core issue is that the West does not
have enough money to support Ukraine. I'm afraid Ukraine will fall apart in
the coming years. There's no way to go back. Putin may annex other
territories without much cost, because the West is just weak and not
willing to put sanctions on Russia without hurting themselves badly.
Cobra1Alpha 2014-07-02 22:37:29
He's already in Ukraine these separatists are Russian Soldiers
Dries Meiring 2014-07-01 18:27:49
Obama thinks he has it all but we don't think so as we have big
connections. Jesus will destroy him and his followers with money as this is
the asshole's only goal. No man takes anything with him , cause he came in
with nothing and leaves with nothing. So says God.
Dries Meiring 2014-07-01 18:21:34
So you all see America is bankrupt and Obama sold it to Satan. The main
shareholders are China, Japan and Russia as well in minority The Pope City
of Vatican and Israel, and the rest of the NWO countries.
ivitv viti 2014-06-30 22:38:14
fuck the ugly turks
James Bond 2014-06-30 04:19:12
where not being dragged into anything the elit need a war and want a war
and obama is just the puppet to do it he needs to be impeached and stay the
fuck out of other contries he cant fix the one he is in charge of and im a
Estrella katarina 2014-06-14 11:30:50
I pray to god he does
max rav 2014-06-11 16:25:06
They talk about Russia ass if it's still the soviet union. It's not and as
a Brit I will NEVER forget American bombing the shit out of our world war
allies the Serbs and giving away their spiritual homeland Kosovo.
Disgusting. America Fuck Off out of Europe before you cause another war on
the continent. Russia is NOT the soviet union it is just Russia the country
with all it's rich culture.
As for the Jew doing the hatchet job, let me remind him which country broke
the Nazis in world war 2 as if D day wasn't anything more than a race for
German technology. The Nazis were broken inside Russia and that saved the
lives of millions of Jews.
Bishwo Karki 2014-06-10 15:13:27
fokking young turks spilling shit , typical fokking americunts
nhendrych 2014-06-09 02:29:30
Lets him destroyed those criminals -----
khorney202 2014-05-26 15:41:38
Alot of the points that military expert makes can be applied to the US
aswell talking about how they killed the native population and replaced
them in estonia when they did that exact same thing in their own country.
Is the US and NATO not massed at poland which america especially has no
grounds to do so at all does the US not realize that this issue is on the
Russian boarder look how the US reacted to Cuba. Can anyone tell me that if
you were in charge of a country and one of your neighbors had a coup and
now people in power are having phone calls about nuking you and letting
Right wing 'extremists' to brutally kill your people that live in that
country wouldnt you at the very least put your own troops on the boarder
just to make sure that none of this shit spills over into your own country?
Im not exactly a russia lover but i cant see much difference between these
2 major world powers except the US is a bit more discrete and russia does
it out in the open (2 different cultures) but on the issue of Ukraine and a
few other situations i believe that the US has been in the wrong and doing
more harm than good the US needs to stop thinking its in charge of the
world maybe if it spent as much time and money on internal affairs as it
does on policing the world it could bring itself out of the impending
economic collapse as the UK is having to do now since alot of people voted
UKIP so were pulling back a bit from europe.
TrueOrthodox Faith 2014-05-17 14:56:32
I hope that the people in Easter and Southern Ukraine decide to return to
Russia and not become part of a corrupt EU.
Baz Metse 2014-05-08 14:05:16
Fucking bunch of lying dipshits here, nothing to learn here except bullshit
Baz Metse 2014-05-08 14:03:57
Where do these morons go for facts? definitely straight to propaganda
central. These dip-shits are telling people what to think and they don't
have a F##king clue themselves, they don't even know anything about Russian
borders etc. No wonder Yanks make such stupid decisions, got no chance of
what's really going on if you listen to these dumb cretins. Yeah! right
this is what Russia is going to do, absolute idiots. This thing was started
by the U.S and the E.U and do these idiots tell folks that? NO They blame
the Russians and Putin who had nothing to do with any of it. 
mjdc2505 2014-05-08 00:40:55
Russia's population hasn't shrunk since 2008 when it was at 142 million, it
increased to 143 million. Now I know these fools are lying.
Igor Živković 2014-05-01 06:58:35
Fucking American propaganda. Why do you not talk about approaching NATO
missile shield close to Russia. Missile shield is not there to protect
against Iran but it is to be directed towards Russia. Why do you not talk
about the American sponsorship of the Nazis in the Ukraine. The same Nazis
are now in power in Ukraine. I thought that the redaction of TYT have the
courage to impartially examine the situation. In my country we have a
saying that says:" Where all the Turks are there is the little Mujo".
Jacobite 2014-04-30 01:39:56
He litterally said that the difference between us and russians, is that
russians are the type of people that want to round everyone up, put them in
camps and kill them alll!

If this isnt BS hatespeach Idk what it...
Erik Wiercinski 2014-04-29 16:20:12
Cenk....u should be taken to South Africa and shot!
Saaduk92 2014-04-29 08:07:23
It's interesting to watch this video one month on because Wes was
completely and utterly wrong. Putin sent the troops back and did not enter
mainland Ukraine, nor did he enter any other country.
dennis sema 2014-04-29 00:08:38
Fucking Turks
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